NFTs fully trending

The Fan Token and NFT market is booming…So much that this post will be the longest we have ever written.

Whether the in-house cryptocurrencies aka fan tokens from clubs like Juventus, Manchester City, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain or platforms for NFT-based trading cards from Sorare, blockchain based products continue to grow in popularity around the world and inspire fans from all sports. To an extent that not only clubs and players but even entire leagues are jumping on the bandwagon. The Spanish La Liga is planning a similar approach to NBA Top Shot. The launch is already planned for 2022 and will bring the model to Europe for the first time. However Insiders know that this is just one of many more exciting collaborations with Canadian provider @ that will be announced in the coming months.

NFTs of all kinds have long since ceased to be a “nerd craze”. As put by Franklin Fitch, Head of Marketing at Blockparty, long-time NFT collector and investor: “The ease of collecting and reselling is what is getting people hooked. When you see how quickly you can buy an NFT and how quickly it increases in value, it possesses a dynamic that physical goods don’t feature. Think of NFTs like digital memorabilia.”

It couldn’t have been construed any better, indeed our FAN.COLLECTIBLES are digital pieces of history, whether as Match Worn Items or Memorabilia. This makes our FAN.COLLECTIBLES to unique emotional 3D collectibles that go straight to the heart of all fan generations! Always with you on your mobile phone, to print out, or even as a boost and skin in eSports. Curious? Then feel free to contact us.

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