Press Release: My Football Space

Blockchain meets fan engagement in the professional sports business: A start up from Frankfurt goes to the market with a digital membership and associated voting rights for fans My Football Space GmbH is a Team from Frankfurt/Main around the founder Alexander Schlicher. In addition to a team of 4 experts in the fields of technology, law and marketing, Karsten Petry (ex-Managing Director Octagon Germany) could also be won as a co-partner. A partnership with a pioneer in blockchain and tech innovation in germany could already been secured with the lights of Börse Stuttgart Digital Ventures The aim is to take the interaction between clubs and fans to a contemporary, digital and, above all, secure platform, bringing them closer together again and thus counteracting alienation through a lack of exchange. Fans of the younger generation will hardly be reachable without such modern innovative offers. “Our mission is to give fans all over the world the chance to connect digitally with their (football) club, to make their voices heard and to create a more enjoyable fan experience” says Alexander Schlicher. Karsten Petry adds: “Our app is the transformation of the typical club membership into the future: three, four clicks, no long term. Like Netflix for fans instead of complicated payTV subscriptions.”
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